Aquilos2 については、cryo-TEMとは別に、予約とキャンセルのルールを以下のよ うにします。


(前月 20 日〆切、 :2024 2 月の利用希望は 1 20 日〆切)
セッションの予約を確保したい場合、第 3 希望までの記入をお勧めします。

結果は 25 日ごろをめどにお返事します。
ひと月あたり、1 研究室最大 2 セッションまたは 4 とさせていただきます (1 セッションは、(1) 1 日または(2)連続する 2 )

空きスロットが出た場合、追加で募集を受け付けます。使用の前週までに予約フォ ームからお知らせください。



確保された予約をキャンセルする場合は、使用の前週までにお願いします。 ご協力に感謝いたします。

Because of the increasing number of Aquilos users, the following rules for reservations and cancellations will be implemented and will be tried from February 2024.

Please send via the reservation form below for the following month's use (the deadline is the 20th of the previous month, e.g., the deadline is January 20th for the February use requests).

For 2 consecutive days sessions, please start on Tuesday or Thursday.
If you wish to secure a reservation for two sessions, we recommend that you fill out the form up to your third choice.

We will notify the results around the 25th.
(1) A maximum of 2 sessions or 4 days in total per laboratory per month will be allotted.
(1 session is "one day" or "two consecutive days").

Additional applications will be accepted when a vacant slot becomes available. Please let us know via the reservation form by the week prior to use.
You can check the reservation status from this calendar.

Saturday and Sunday use is open only to those who can use the equipment independently.
You may reserve equipment on an individual basis.

If you wish to cancel a secured reservation, please do so by the week prior to the use of the room.
Thank you for your cooperation.